Full Member Form (App A)

Appendix A - 2.0, 1 November 2011

Standard definitions taken from the IETF approach [RFC2119]

This word, or the terms "REQUIRED" or "SHALL", mean that the definition is an absolute requirement of the specification.

This word, or the adjective "RECOMMENDED", mean that there may exist valid reasons in particular circumstances to ignore a particular item, but the full implications must be understood and carefully weighed before choosing a different course.

Appendix A to The FIRST membership process:

  1. Team Name

    • Official team name:

    • Short team name (Acronym):

    • Host organization (if the team is decentralised, list all host organizations):

    • Country the team is located in (if multiple offices exist, list all countries):

    • Date of establishment:
  2. Constituency

    • Type of constituency (vendor customer base, internal to host organization, ISP customer base, major service provider, major service provider, or...):

    • Description of constituency:

    • Internet domain and/or IP address information describing the constituency:

    • All countries in which constituency members are located in:
  3. Team Contact Information

    • Regular telephone number (country code, telephone number, timezone relative to GMT):

    • Emergency telephone number (country code, telephone number, timezone relative to GMT):

    • Email address:

    • Corporate Web Address:

    • Corporate Security Page:

    • Facsimile number (country code, telefax number):

    • Other telecommunication facilities:

    • Postal address:

    • Invoice address (Please include contact name and email):

    • Aliases to be included in the FIRST mailing lists:

      • FIRST-REPS mailing list - first-reps@first.org (mandatory):
        Recommendation: "first-rep@your.domain"
        Email Address:

      • FIRST-TEAMS mailing list - first-teams@first.org (mandatory):
        Recommendation: "first-team@your.domain"
        Email Address:
  4. Team Contact Information

    • Team Representative - Name of person representing the team:

    • Contact information:

    • Secondary Team Rep:

    • Contact Information:

    • Contact information for person/organization representing the constituency:

    • Contact information for person representing the host organization:
  5. Team Members

    • Names, contact information and PGP keys of other team members (If approved by the MC and the SC, teams can be allowed to only list certain members. At least one member in addition to the FIRST Representative MUST be named anyway.):
  6. References

    • FIRST sponsors:

    • Track record of working relationships with other teams:
  7. Services Specify available reactive services, using the following list (removing or adding to it):

    • Alerts and Warnings
    • Incident Handling
      • Incident analysis
      • Incident response on site
      • Incident response support
      • Incident response coordination
    • Vulnerability Handling
      • Vulnerability analysis
      • Vulnerability response
      • Vulnerability response coordination
    • Artifact Handling
      • Artifact analysis
      • Artifact response
      • Artifact response coordination
      • Forensic analysis
    • Specify available proactive services, using the following list (removing or adding to it):

      • Announcements
      • Technology Watch
      • Security Audits or Assessments
      • Configuration and Maintenance of Security Tools, Applications, and Infrastructures
      • Development of Security Tools
      • Intrusion Detection Services
      • Security-Related Information Dissemination
    • Specify security quality management services, using the following list (removing or adding to it):
      • Risk Analysis
      • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
      • Security Consulting
      • Awareness Building
      • Education/Training
      • Product Evaluation or Certification
  8. Business Hours (Optional)

    • Description of business hours:

    • Procedures for contacting the teams outside business hours:
  9. Technical Expertise Please describe your teams expertise below: