FIRST Organization

FIRST operates under a formal Operational Framework, which contains the governing principles and high-level operating rules for the FIRST organization.

However, FIRST exercises no authority over the organization and operation of individual member teams.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of individuals responsible for general operating policy, procedures, and related matters affecting the First.Org, Inc., corporation as a whole.

FIRST Board of Directors establishes standing (permanent) and ad-hoc (temporary) committees in order to better achieve FIRST goals.

» Board of Directors


The Secretariat serves as an administrative point for FIRST and provides a general contact for FIRST.

» Secretariat

Member Teams

The incident response teams participating in FIRST represent organizations who assist an information technology community or other defined constituency in preventing and handling computer security-related incidents.

» Member Teams


Individuals or representatives of organizations other than incident response or security teams that have a legitimate interest in and value to FIRST.

» Liaisons