FIRST members meet in groups or in plenary to discuss specific issues related to FIRST. Thus, we have Board Meetings, Members Annual General Meetings, Working Groups & Committess Meetings, etc. These meetings can be held face-to-face during FIRST events or by teleconference, periodically or on demand.

FIRST meetings are restricted to FIRST members and invited guests only.

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

Members may request dial-in details from the FIRST Secretariat via PGP signed email to

2016 Meeting Dates

July 19 Conference Call 13:00 UTC/GMT
August 16 Conference Call 13:00 UTC/GMT
Aug 29-Sept 1 Face to Face Meeting  
Sept 20 Conference Call 13:00 UTC/GMT
Oct 18 Conference Call 13:00 UTC/GMT
Nov 15 Conference Call 14:00 UTC/GMT
Dec 20 Conference Call 14:00 UTC/GMT

What's new in FIRST Meetings