What are the benefits of FIRST?

Computer security incidents do not respect geographical, timezone, or administrative boundaries in the global Internet. Resolution of any computer security incident generally involves many sites, which may be located in various places around the world. Each incident response and security team can assist their local constituency and coordinate the appropriate response with other teams to provide a global solution to the problem.

  • FIRST provides a forum for facilitating trusted interactions among incident response and security teams. Assistance for interactions is available on either a team to team basis (through introduction to teams) or by using the FIRST infrastructure to share information among all members in a secure way.The increased ability to communicate with peer entity teams allows for faster resolution of computer security incidents, regardless of their source, destination, or transit path.

  • FIRST hosts an annual Conference on Computer Security Incident Handling. The annual FIRST Conference is a unique event. It focuses on the field of computer security incident handling and response. In recognition of the global spread of computer networks and the common problems faced by computer owners, service providers, networking communities and companies, the conference is held in a different part of the world each year. The presentations are international in scope and include the latest in incident response and prevention, vulnerability analysis, and related aspects of computer security. Additionally, these events serve as the foundation for the improvement of computer security worldwide via the sharing of viewpoints, ideas, and information.These conferences are open to both members and non-members.

  • FIRST Technical Colloquia provide a discussion forum for FIRST member teams to share information about vulnerabilities, incidents, tools and all other issues that affect the operation of incident response and security teams. These colloquia are hosted by members and take place 2 times a year. These events are restricted to FIRST members only.

  • New incident response and security teams can benefit from membership to FIRST by improving communication with peer teams, and exchanging ideas and practices. This can assist a new team in avoiding the pitfalls encountered by other teams, enabling then to become effective quickly.

  • The collection of teams which compose FIRST provides expertise covering a wide variety of incident response and security issues.

FIRST is designed to facilitate communication between incident response and security teams to assist in promoting prompt and effective resolution to computer security incidents