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Submission of Guides and References

FIRST Teams are strongly encouraged to share their Best Practice guides as document or as (maintained) link - or to point out valuable references/links to us. We hope that you will consider adding resources or knowledge of your own, your team or your organization to this collection of guides and references!

If you are interested in sharing with us, please send us mail first-bpgl at

Guides can be for-FIRST-teams-only, or for public use - references are usually for public use. If the sender so desires, guides can be sanitized by FIRST before publication, in cooperation with the sender.

We thank you for the spirit of cooperation that made FIRST what it is today.
The BPGL Team:
Ian Cook
Gavin Reid
Don Stikvoort


Any question or suggestion related to the Best Practice Guide Library, please send to first-bpgl at