FIRST Security Library

FIRST provides many digital resources such as articles, papers, presentations, guides and references on security and related topics to its members and the general public.

Also, this initiative aims at recognizing FIRST members' work and promote it outside the FIRST community.

Papers & Presentations

FIRST organizes and participates in many events per year, and lots of papers and presentations offered. Annual Conferences presentations are available to the public 6 months later, while Technical Colloquia presentations and papers are restricted to members only.

» Papers & Presentations

Best Practices Guides

FIRST Best Practices Guide Library intends to assist FIRST Team Members and public in general in configuring their systems securely by providing configuration templates and security guidelines

» Best Practices Guide (BPGL)

Security Reference Index

A list of common reference points for security best practices. It's not meant to be a definitive list but rather a way to present best practice web sites that have been helpful to the FIRST community.

» Security Reference Index

Contribute to the Library

The Best Practices Guide Library and the Security Reference Index are maintained by FIRST members. As a member, you may contribute with a guide or reference. See how to submit your contribution.

» Contribute to the Library