TF-CSIRT meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe

  • TF-CSIRT meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe, Tallinn (EE)

56th TF-CSIRT meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe

Tallinn (EE), January 21st-23th, 2019

First Regional Symposium Europe 2019 is co-funded by the EU structural funds support scheme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" (European Regional Development Fund).

Hosted by CERT-EE and Tallinn Technical University Innovation Center

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Day Session
Sunday, January 20th TF-CSIRT Steering Committee Meeting (closed)
Monnday, January 21st Morning: TF-CSIRT Closed Meeting
Afternoon: TF-CSIRT Open Meeting
Evening: Social Event
Tuesday, January 22nd FIRST Symposium
Wednesday, January 23rd Training and Hands-On Courses, FIRST Board of Directors Meeting and 2019 FIRST Program Committee Meeting

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Call for Papers

FIRST and TF-CSIRT are conducting a joint call for papers for Monday and Tuesday plenary sessions. Some suggested topics are as follows:

Please include the following information and submit to by 21 Nov 2018.

In addition, this year we are accepting proposals for Lightning Talks and Panel Discussions & Debates.

Lightning Talks submissions

Limited to 5 minutes only to present one idea, thought or issue that you think the audience should hear. It may be a quick team update, introduction of a new team, or anything you would like to share but do not need a full slot for. Please contact with the title of your proposed lightning talk.

Panel discussions & debates

Would you like to see a group of experts discussing a current issue on stage and have a possibility to ask questions? Please suggest a topic for a panel discussion or a debate. If you would like to find the experts and run it - we'd be happy to consider your suggestions. If you do not, but have a good subject in mind, that is fine too, just send the topic to and we will do our best to make it happen.

Training Days

We are also looking for presenters and topics to conduct a full or half day training course on 23 January 2019. Please submit your course title and an overview to for consideration.


Tallinn Technical University Innovation Center

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Tallinn Technical University Innovation Center
TalTech Mektory Centre
Raja 15, 12618
Tallinn, Estonia